At Like to Love Parenting LLC, we believe in the magic of parenthood. The beauty that is found in the deep connection between a parent and child. The glowing confidence of a mother or father who knows in their soul that they are good enough. And more, that they are excellent, complex, and imperfect human beings that are intent on learning, growing, and forever becoming the parents they long to be. We believe in developing strong relationships within our families. Instilling values in our children that will last far beyond our own lifetime. And enjoying it all more than we ever imagined. We are dads and moms who will change what it means to love parenting.

Ashley Newberg is a life and parenting coach who teaches relationship-based parenting locally and online. She specializes in radical unschooling, inner child work, developmental trauma, natural living, and highly sensitive kids and parents. She works with individuals, couples, families, and groups to support parents in crafting a more effortless parenthood that is full of love, joy, and connection!

Ashley is based in Colorado Springs, CO, and enjoys living an outside of the box life with her husband, three daughters, and a dog named Faraday. She and her family love creative expression through crafting, music, movement, art, and play. She is working on her first book, to be published in 2021. When she’s not coaching or writing, Ashley can usually be found nursing a toddler while listening to someone talk about Minecraft.

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