I am passionate about meeting you where you are at in your parenting journey, finding the stuck places of struggle, and NOT leaving you there. I work with you to draw out that magnificent, incredible human being that is within you. The part of you that is capable of taking your family to places you never even dreamed possible. To peace. To joy. To adventure. To community. To wholeness. You can build a life that you are proud to live. And you donโ€™t have to do it alone.

As a parent, you can find parenting advice pretty much anywhere, whether you ask for it or not. Facebook groups, doctors, the other moms and dads at the park, your childless cousin… Not all advice is bad advice, but when you are inundated with information from a whole bunch of different perspectives, how do you weed out what’s helpful and what’s not? And what about the next time an issue arises? How do you know who to ask?

Not only is it overwhelming and exhausting, but your parenting can quickly become a game of behavioral whack-a-mole. Figuring out one situation with your child, only for something else to pop up a week later! Working so hard to make things work with your kids and yet constantly feeling as if you’re going back to square one.

So I don’t want to just give you parenting advice. I want to work with you to develop the foundation you need in order to grow strong and lasting connections with your kids. To gather the tools, not just to know what to do in a given situation, but to know how to figure out what to do. To create relationships that will set you up for a parenthood that you can enjoy as much as your kids enjoy their childhood!

Let’s craft your vision for what you want for your life and your family, and find the places where your mindsets are not helping you, where old habits are getting in the way, where you need to know what to do instead, and where you could develop some new skills. Then begin learning to bring what you are already good at into the areas of struggle. Growing together in teamwork as a family. Creating a life you love to live.ย Then all of these things can be brought into alignment, in full support of you.

Would you like to see what coaching can do for you? Just like my model of parenting, my business is structured on relationship. I would love to talk, get to know you, and find together how I can best support you in building this life you live with your kids.

*Ashley is currently on maternity leave and not taking new clients at this time. You can find additional resources and updates on our blog or social media pages. If you would like a recommendation for another parenting coach, email me at *

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