Parenting For Relationship

What is the relationship you want to have with your kids?

Because ultimately, that’s all you have.

As they grow and develop and live their own lives, it’s what connects you that lasts. Parenting can be challenging and confusing and messy. And so often, parents believe we have to sacrifice a relationship with our kids because we have to be the parent, be the boss, the disciplinarian, the teacher. And what a heartbreaking feeling that is! To think that raising great people requires the loss of the connection and closeness you have.

What if I told you, it doesn’t have to be that way? That you can raise whole people, resilient people, incredible people, AND have a deep and meaningful relationship with them. You can be the parent, AND the friend.

You may have fears that come up so automatically when I say that. Our society likes to think things can only be one way, or the opposite. And that’s ok. If you have concerns, your feelings are valid. You also don’t have to listen to those voices that tell you what is not possible for you.

YOU create your life. And if you can approach what may be a new idea with curiosity, instead of limitation, you might be surprised to find that those fears or impossibilities are not really a concern after all.

You may also be relieved! Having this deep knowing that there has got to be another way. Longing to be close to your children. Wanting to raise them well equipped with everything they need for life, wanting to teach them and help them grow, and maybe also struggling with how to do that when all you know, when all that’s been modeled for you, is harshness and control and manipulation. All these things that aren’t very good for a lasting relationship.

Maybe you do already have a lot of tools. Maybe some things are working really well and you just want to learn more! Wherever you are at, you don’t have to do this alone.

My name is Ashley, and I want to give you the support you need in order to go beyond behavior modification with your kids, to a deeper level of connection where you can craft a parenthood that you love just as much as your kids are loving their childhood!

What can a parenting coach do for you? Let’s find out together.

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