Pre-Parenting Meetup

Colorado Springs expectant parents!

This is a free group for pre-parents (including those trying to conceive, pregnant, looking to foster or adopt, or even just thinking about having kids). In this casual get together, we will have some fun, connect, and talk about parenting-related stuff to help you feel all ready and set up for success from the beginning. Led by coach Ashley Newberg, with Like to Love Parenting.

When: Second Sundays of each month

Where:  Beginnings Birth Center
   Use the Education Entrance on Northeast side of building (across from the daycare)
   9475 Briar Village Point
   Suite 100
   Colorado Springs, Colorado 80920


4/14 – How Your Childhood Drives Your Parenting
What from your past will serve you well in parenthood? What will hold you back from becoming the parent you long to be? And what can you do about it to create a beautiful future with your kids?!

5/12 – Mother’s Day Craft: Your Vision for Parenthood
A Mother’s Day craft for moms & dads! Take space to dream and picture your life as a parent. What do you want? And how can you bring your vision, mindset, knowledge, and skills into alignment in order to support you in reaching that goal?

6/9 – Father’s Day Craft: Creating Family Values
A Father’s Day craft for dads & moms! you will get the opportunity to create your own family’s set of values! What is important to you? What do you want to live out and instill in your children? And how can you use these values in your parenting?

7/14 – Behavior is Communication
Going beyond the surface of behavior modification, you will learn how to look for what your child’s actions are telling you about what they need – the real reason for “misbehavior.” Become a master problem-solver before your child even arrives!

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