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3 Beliefs That Drive Our Learning

Ashley speaks about unschooling on a panel at the 2021 Colorado Homeschool Conference in Colorado Springs.

Pop-up events

Are you new to unschooling? Curious about what it is? or Want to learn more about peaceful parenting and unschooling as a way of life? Radical unschooling advocate and parenting coach, Ashley Newberg, has hosted unschooling pop-up events across the US to answer questions, share resources, and connect unschoolers together in their city. This is a casual, free, and very kid-friendly event. Ashley is currently based in Colorado. To request a pop-up in your area, fill out this form to see if we can schedule something near you soon!



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Personalized Support

Get individual support for your unschooling journey with one-on-one, family, or group coaching. Ashley is based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and offers both in-person and online coaching via Zoom. If you’re looking for that extra confidence boost, need some help releasing control, or aren’t sure what to do about your family’s current struggle, email ashley@liketoloveparenting.com to schedule a coaching session.

New to unschooling or trying to figure out what it looks like for your family? Ashley offers coaching packages to help you get started and create an environment that supports connection, creativity, and learning. This will give you the opportunity to find out what is most important to you and your kids, learn how to support each family member in their unique interests, and grow in confidence so your unschooling is driven by your values instead of your worries. This might involve meeting with you in person or via video chat, talking with your kids, going over your budget, helping you find resources, and/or doing foundational mindset work that will leave you feeling like, “I got this!”
To get started, email ashley@liketoloveparenting.com with the subject “Unschool Setup.”

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